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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tainted Godmen...!!! Beware of them..!!!

Ram Rahim Singh- Dera Sacha Sauda:

Description: Baba Gurmeet Singh, is charged with murder of a journalist, Ram Chandra Chatrapati and and for sexual exploitation of women followers.As per a sting opertaion done by Tehelka and India TV.

Chandra Swami:

Description: He is a controversial Godman. He is said to have been a "spiritual adviser" of the Prime Minister of India, P V Narasimha RaoIn 1996, he was arrested on charges of swindling. He was accused of cheating and defrauding a London-based businessman Lakhubhai Pathak of $100,000.. He is currently facing nine Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) violation cases in which he is facing trial.

Swami Amritchaitanya:

Description: The 35-year-oldKerela based baba, who is also known as Swami Amritachaitanya, who allegedly duped his followers in Bahrain out of almost BD60,000 has been arrested by Interpol. He is facing a string of charges including rape, drug possession and fraud.

Swami NityaNanda:

Description: A video of Swamy Nithyananda’ having sex with a top tamil actress was broadcasted on Sun news live and has shocked people across India. Tamil actress’ face was masked in the video. People have now called Nithyananda a fraud for making people believe that he is a Swami.

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