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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spreading Christianity by Sword

Colonialism and Imperialism:

From 15th – 20th Centuries Spain, Portuguese, British Kingdom, Dutch, and France invading Africa, Asia, and America for Gold, GOD, and Glory.

Queen Isabella support exploration primarily to spread Christianity (MS Encarta, Spanish Empire).

Livonian Order joined Teutonic Knights in forcing Slavs to convert to Christianity (MS Encarta, Military Religious Orders)

Spreading Christianity with sword. Every warship has priests on it.

“Explorers” such as Pizzaro and Cortez slaughtered many native people. Others make native people as slaves including the Afro-American.

Hundreds of million people killed, enslaved, and wounded in Africa, Asia, Australia, and America


European countries spread their religious beliefs and eliminate other religions.

Roman Catholic countries, particularly Spain, set out to convert non-Christian native peoples.

Protestant countries also used religion as a motive for expansion. Beginning in the 19th century, Britain’s missionary movements served as a significant reason for that country’s colonial efforts

Microsoft Encarta, Colonialism and Colonies

Torture was used frequently during the Inquisition to obtain confessions of heresy

MS Encarta, Inquisition

Rob Land and Build Countries

British Colonists robbed Aboriginal land and slaughtered them

Microsoft Encarta, Aboriginal Australians

The Indians slaughtered and become minority in US and Canada

killing aborigines Barbara Miller: ‘Declaring Australia Terra Nullius , uninhabited, and killing off any Aboriginal resistance to land seizure with superior weaponry, diseases, poisoned water-holes and flour laced with arsenic, the British settlers set up institutions and governments which have perpetrated their violent domination …‘*

US, Canada, and Australia are countries of successful invasion


Antonio’s Song, Michael Frank:

The blankets they give the Indians only make them die

The Whites give contaminated blankets to Indians to kill them

Banishing the Indians

“The Trail of Tears”, Robert Lindneux, depicts the forced migration of Native Americans from the eastern US to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma during the 1830s and early 1840s.

Among those peoples forced to make the journey on foot were the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw. Many died on the long, hard journey

Microsoft Encarta, Native Americans of North America

“Civilization” #2

Wounded knee creek massacre

U.S. Cavalry killed hundreds of Sioux men, women, and children who had fled to a camp along Wounded Knee Creek.

Sand Creek Massacre

1864, Colonel John M. Chivington and his soldiers killed 200 Cheyenne and Arapaho people, most of whom were still sleeping

Microsoft Encarta, Native Americans of North America


More than 10 million Africans forcibly transported to America for 200 years. For 1 captive there are 10 people died defending their family.

Human cargo packed tightly that it was impossible to move

Portuguese monopoly Slave Trade followed by British, Holland, France, Denmark, and the American colonies joined in transporting slaves from Africa to the New World.

Microsoft Encarta, Slavery

Who Start World War I?

World War I: The First Bloody World War (1914-1918)

+10 Million Soldiers died

+20 Million Soldiers wounded

Who start the war?

France, Russia, Britain against Germany and Austro-Hungary. Mostly Christians.

Not Muslim!

Microsoft Encarta, World War I

Who Start World War II?


World War II: The Bloodiest War (1939-1945)

55 Million people died

Who start the war?

France, Russia, Britain against Germany, Italy, and Japan. Mostly Christians.

Not Muslim!

Microsoft Encarta, World War II

World War II Aftermath

55 Million people died by the war waged by France, Russia, Britain, US against Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Do you still think Islam is the most violent religion in the world?

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