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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Google Earth proves that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is Right ..!

No human on earth can draw a straight line on the surface of the earth between two far cities except with the aid of detailed maps , made possible today due to airplanes , satellites , and knowledge of latitude , longitude , and land height. However , there was a person who had done this 1400 years ago. This person is the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)..

While the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in Madinah Al-Munawarah , Allah instructed him that he should face in the direction of the Sacred Mosque in Makkah. From then on , it became the Qiblah for Muslims. And from then on , Islam was spreading. After the victory of (Fatih Makkah) people came and entered Islam. Then , the prophet (peace be upon him) started to sent the teachers to these people to teach them Islam. One of them Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee whom the prophet (peace be upon him) sent to Yemen (Sana'a). He was ordered to teach people of Sana and to build them a Mosque by features the prophet (peace be upon him) had defined to him.
Al-Tabarani narrates in the Mu'jam Al-wsat saying:
Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee said: the prophet (peace be upon him) said to me " if you build the mosque of Sana'a , make it to the right of a mountain called Deyn"
To explain , Al-Hafez Al-Rahzey says in his book "The History of Sana'a) that the prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee to build the mosque in Bathan park , from where is found a rock in Gamdan and face it to a mountain called Deyn
The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) , 1400 years age , ordered to build the mosque Sana'a facing Jabal-e-deen .If we use Google Earth and draw a straight line from the mosque Sana'a to the Qibla which is in Makkah , it will pass through the peak of jabal-e-deen and will end at the center of Kaba.
How could someone 1400 years ago have shown the exact direction for kaba from a far away city without using the new aids needed for such a process?
Of course this a miracle

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