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Saturday, November 15, 2008

What it cost to have a Blissful Life...!!

Have you ever noticed how some people make complex or difficult tasks look so easy? You know what I’m talking about – that speaker who connects confidently with a large audience, the athlete who glides effortlessly or that singer who performs from a place of pure joy. It’s often called “Being in the Flow” and it’s magical to see this Blissful Life . You can’t help but wonder -what is the secret? of This Blissful Life.

Maybe you have pondered this personally and resigned yourself to the idea that some people are just really talented or get lucky, but you aren’t one of the lucky ones. Have you settled for that sad story? Please don’t! There are ways to re-align your life in a way that you can begin access that blissful state of flow in both your work and your personal life.

This Blissful Life.
Here are some ideas to get you living in the flow

1. Get in Touch with Your Values, wishes and what you hold dear.
2. List at Least 10 Positive Qualities or attributes about yourself, including complements you have received over the years.
3. Recall Your Happiest Moments.
4. Be Grateful Now: Make a list of 25 things you are grateful for having in your life.
5. Identify Common Themes.
6. Shift Choices to Important Themes.
7. Find Opportunities to Use Your Gifts.
8. Pay Attention!
9. Get Help.
10. Celebrate.

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