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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Money Quickly by Hacking...? what non-sense..!

Once one of my friend asked a blogger how to earn money from your blog quickly.. he told him.. "Hacking gives you Banking." then my friend turned towards me for suggestion ..I think hacking is one of the most exciting and thrilling thing one could do. but how much it cost from ur life...

You stay up all night on the PC typing and typing. No, you're niether hacking nor writing scripts. You're begging someone on IRC to teach you how to hack! Let's look at the facts:
  1. You're a luser and you're annoying. No one likes you if you ask others how to hack without taking the least amount of initiative.
  2. You're not worthy of any title even resembling hacker, cracker, phreaker, etc., so don't go around calling yourself that! The more you do, the less likely you are to find someone willing to teach you how to hack (which is an infinitesimal chance, any way).
  3. You're wasting your time (if you couldn't infer that in the first place). Many real hackers (not those shitty script kiddies) spend all their insomniac hours reading and, yes even, HACKING! (Hacking doesn't necessarily (but usually does) mean breaking into another system. It could mean just working on your own system, BUT NOT WINDOWS '9x (unless you're doing some really menacing registry shit, in which case, you're kind of cool).)
You're probably thinking, "Then what should I do. If no one's going to help me, how can I learn to hack?" Have you ever tried READING (I assume this far that you are literate). Read anything and everything you can get your hands on! I recommend hitting a computer store and looking for discount books (books that are usually out of date, but so are a lot of the systems on the 'net, so they're still relevant!). You'll be surprised what you can learn from a book even when you're paying a dollar for every hundred pages.You never go near things related to computers again.
Things related to computer, earn money from blog, anime, hacking, script are no more easy jobs.

So Kiddies go watch your cartoon program on TV and see your hentai anime ..

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