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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Earn Extra Money...!!!

If you have a blog and if you need to earn money online from blog its your right page, here are some of the website which offers you to earn money by writing reviews for advertisers. If you have 90 days old blog with reasonable traffic and alexa rank or page rank and a PayPal account ?

  • Sponsored Reviews is first site which i get approved for my blog. Its easy for you to get approval if you have a good traffic and better alexa rank. Your blog must be 90 days old and should have 10 non sponsored posts with minimum of 200 words for each post.
  • Paying Post is advertising website, if you already joined in ppp, its easy for you to use this. This website offers $5 to $50 post.
  • I earned few hundred dollar through Blogitive and once you get approved you will get sponsors for $5 and you should write reviews in atleast 200 words about advertisers. Conditions for approval same as Sponsored Reviews.
  • Payperpost is Top Site which you can earn more money from your blog. They approve depending on your blog’s ranking and backlinks of your blogs. If you have a Good Page Rank blogs even you can earn $100 per day through PPP.
  • Paid Post is same as like payperpost and paying post.
  • Smorty is a place where you can earn money by writing reviews about advertiser as well as through digxa widgets which has product information for online shopping you can paste the code in your blogs and earn money for each product purchased by your visitors.
  • Blogsvertise is another place to earn money for bloggers once you get approved you can grab oppourtuities for you blogs here, maximum you can get oppourtunities for $2 to $18 per review.
  • Before applying for reviewme you should have good ranking blog with good traffic because reviewme will approve or decline when your applying. So Keep in mind and apply for reviewme. And you can earn more money from review me advertisers.
  • Just few months before BuyBlogReviews is launched and its like Sponsored Review you should bid for advertiser and get approved for writing a reviews.
  • Blogging ads where they accept only page rank blogs in their network. Here you can earn $5 to $50 per post if you have good page rank domains.
  • Bloggers Review is like sponsored review program where you can find a oppourtunity, start writing reviews and get paid through paypal.
  • Bloggertizer accepts blog only which have page rank 3 and above. once you signup your blog will be displayed in their website and advertiser will be contacting you to display ads or to write reviews.
  • Snapbomb gives you reviews depending on your blog traffic and pagerank. If you have good traffic and pagerank you can earn more from this website.
  • Loudlaunch is a top advertising website where you can get more than $50 per post. You will get approved only if you have a well content blog and its popularized.


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