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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Black On a White...!!

The people of chennai have many things to boast off but the recent clash between two student groups has put then Off, this is what The Black Dot on the White.

Recently Students of two communities clashed at Dr Ambedkar Government Law College in Chennai, one of the four Cosmopolitan city in India. while the police watched from the sidelines.

Four students were critically injured as the students had a go at each other. The police, present in large numbers, failed to act, waiting for a go-ahead from the principal. College principal has been suspended and Fifteen to Twenty students have been arrested and more arrest are expected.

The violence broke out Wednesday evening. A group of upper caste students attacked some classmates, from another caste, when they were returning from an exam, the police said.

The group started hitting a classmate, with clubs as he was trying to flee, eyewitnesses said. He collapsed near the college gate, but the police didn’t come to his rescue or that of his friends. (Their full names couldn’t be ascertained as the students are, too, traumatized to speak.)

The police couldn’t act as the principal didn’t give them the permission, says Chennai Police Commissioner.

1 comment:

Jam said...

May be they are practicing law before completion of their law courses ;).

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