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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recipe : Irritation Blogging

Recipe Name : Irritation Blog

hi ... i after a very long time back on the track of blogging..recently i found how interesting is blogging.Though i was actually blogging all these days but very recently i tasted what its like ...!!! Every day or the other i get mails and even SMS with links to my friends blogs. i get irritated all the time .
To cook Irritation blog you will need the irritation and pain of getting SMS and e-mail with links to Blogs.

Ingredients :
1. Irritation. 1 kilogram(boiled)
2. Pain. 750 grams (sliced)
3. English vocabulary. Few medium sized
4. Typing Skills 50 gms
5. Colorings for taste

Once i asked one of my friend what the hell is tat...!!!! They replied with a smile .... and he started " will increase visitors to my page which eventually increase my blog's page rank which is directly proportional to bucks in my pockets...." does it really increase ur weight of ur purse. one of mine showed a mobile bought from the blogging... and another showed me his account.... but the pain to earn such a lot doesn't go anywhere. you need to spend a lot of time for making those bucks.
Last but not least make sure the typing doesn't miss the grammatical mistakes because it makes recipe very delicious.

The recipe can served for 10-15 person. Now serve the recipe and enjoy.....
Yum Yum Yum..!!!

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