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Monday, May 5, 2008

Muslim Population in London

1 in 12 people in London are Muslim
According to a new survey released by the Greater London Authority, Muslim communities share common values and concerns with the wider community, repudiating the image of conflicting values portrayed by certain sections of the media.

96% of Muslim Londoners think that everyone should respect the law in Britain, virtually the same as the number of Londoners as a whole at 97%.

89% of Muslim Londoners believe that everyone in Britain should be free to live their lives as they want so long as they do not prevent others from doing the same (Londoners as a whole 88%).

94% of Muslim Londoners believe that everyone in Britain should have equal opportunities (92% of Londoners as a whole).

86% of Muslim Londoners think it is important that the Metropolitan Police work closely with communities such as the Muslim community to deter terrorist attacks (91% of all Londoners).

74% of Muslim Londoners and are proud of their local area (70% of Londoners as whole).

Ken Livingstone said: “This survey shows that the vast majority of Muslims hold views in common with the rest of London about respect for the law, the value of democracy, the importance of mutual respect and equal opportunities.
“The survey shows that Muslims in London want a society based on mutual respect for different beliefs as much as other Londoners. One in twelve Londoners is Muslim and London's Muslim communities, in all their diversity, play an essential part in the life of our city, contributing to its success as a global city.”

See the original story on the London Mayor's website

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